Hardware Solutions

AIT IT Services provide computer maintenance and hardware support solutions to maximize the availability and performance of business critical systems. We partner with our clients by combining people, processes, and infrastructure to deliver cost-effective maintenance solutions that meet your specific requirements and strategic business needs.

Our experienced staff maintain and repair an extensive range of IT equipment from some of the world's largest equipment manufacturers, including Hewlett Packard, Dell, IBM & Cisco.

We also accept non-contract work on a time and materials basis and can usually respond to emergency situations the very same day.

Scheduled maintenance visits

As part of the range of IT support options that we offer, AIT can schedule regular onsite engineer visits for maintenance-checks and to troubleshoot any issues that might have cropped up since the last visit. These visits are usually conducted on weekly basis but we are happy to change the frequency of these visits to suit your needs

These regular visits help to keep your network running smoothly as well as enabling you to form a better working relationship with your designated engineer. We have found that this personal attention results in increased staff knowledge and reduced system downtime.

Sales, Service & AMC's of

  • Desktops
  • Printers
  • Laptops
  • Servers

Remote Solutions

Reactive Remote Support Service

Remote support can provide troubleshooting and assistance to users for software and application issues when there is no technician or engineer on site. This includes such things as not being able to log in and problems with applications. If it is a hardware issue and can't be resolved remotely, an Engineering visit can be arranged at the normal rate (standard discounts apply if the customer has a support contact).

Reactive Remote Support will provide a faster response and will generally work out cheaper than call-outs. The initial phone call and assessment of the issue are included in our ICT Support Service and this is reflected in the discounted price for the Reactive Remote Support Service offered to our customers with contracted support.

Proactive Remote Server Monitoring Service

Our Proactive Remote Server Monitoring Service allows your servers to be regularly monitored remotely, checking disk space, backups, updates, etc.

For customers with our ICT Support Service, the Proactive Remote Server Monitoring Service provides a step change in service level. It delivers a more proactive service, enabling issues to be addressed at the earliest opportunity and releasing time from our on-site visits from checking on the condition of servers. Instead our on-site time can be dedicated to deal with issues and adding value

Software Solutions

Whether you are looking for Educational (Curriculum) or Application software (MS Office, MS operating system, Server etc.), we have built a team of easily accessible educational experts who can give you valuable advice and guidance that will help you make the right decisions and navigate the software licensing minefield.

We Sell,

  • Accounting Software's.
  • Inventory software's.
  • E-Mail and SMS Marketing Software's.
  • Customized Software's.

Network Solutions

Our network team install both wired and wireless infrastructures based on cutting-edge technology and traditional structured cabling standards. Whether you're looking for cat5e/6 network points, fiber links or whole-site fully managed wireless networks we can provide a solution to fulfill your needs.

Each quotation is subject to a thorough site survey and is produced to outline a detailed scope of works throughout the project lifecycle.

We take particular care with health and safety in our plans for installation and perform a thorough risk assessment for every job. Our engineers are highly experienced and very highest standard of work experience.

We can supply and install networking equipment from all leading brands such as Cisco, HP, Netgear and D-Link etc. We also provide a system warranty guaranteeing the performance for the life of the network.

  • WAN/ LAN Network Solutions.
  • Structured Cabling Solutions.
  • Wireless Solutions.

Other Solutions

With a diverse spectrum of IT, Networking and Software Solutions, we provide solutions to meet the magnitude of your operations

  • Data Backup Solutions.
  • Data & Internet Security Solutions.
  • Firewall Solutions.
  • POS Systems.