Seeing is believing. And with our range of cameras, you can see as much as you'd like at your home. Plus, you can stream live video on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, as well as save recorded clips to view later.

The prime objective of AIT is to bring about simplicity in the CCTV solutions. You can get the best CCTV solutions for your business when you choose to work with AIT. However, the solutions are completely dependent upon the application. There are some vendors out that who believe in providing the same solution to all the clients without understanding the basic needs of the customer, but the case is completely different with AIT.

Quality CCTV solutions are provided for every business with respect to the need of the business. AIT designs the solutions keeping many aspects into consideration that include the budget, business requirements, and the technical factors as well. This is the prime reason that the company has a huge portfolio of clients. Initially, the location is inspected so that the CCTV solution can be provided in view of the requirements.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Camera.
  • IP/ Analog Camera.
  • DVR, NVR, Hybrid Recorder.

Access Controls & Time Attendance

AIT offer Enterprise class architecture for Time Attendance & Access control system. Our products come with centralized application servers that can manage thousands of terminals centrally to offer complete centralized time attendance and access control.

  • Time Attendance system.
  • Access control system.
  • Fingerprint recognition.
  • Face / Iris Recognition.
  • Auto ID / Card / RFID.
  • Multi-Biometric.