CCTV Camera

HD Analog / Network Camera

Dome/ IP-Dome

AIT is a direct supplier of all types of dome CCTV camera like infrared, IP (Network), Varifocal, high resolution, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), vandal proof etc. Dome cameras are very compact in size and mainly used for indoor applications. Type of dome cameras vary according to your requirements. If you need night vision, infra-red dome camera is the best choice. If you want to use camera in adverse conditions, you should consider installing a vandal resistant dome camera. If you want to adjust the camera lens according to your requirements, then use a varifocal dome camera. PTZ domes can rotate (pan), incline (tilt) or focus closer on objects of interest (zoom). We, at AIT will install the right CCTV camera for you in anywhere in UAE.

Bullet / IP-Bullet

Bullet cameras are named so because of its shape and size. Bullet cameras are small in size, normally 2 to 2.5 inches, and has a fixed focal length lens. Bullet camera usually mounts to the side of a wall. They are weather proof and comes with an inbuilt housing. If you are looking for a long range camera, bullet camera is the best option. If you are looking to install the camera outdoors, you should be considering bullet cameras because bullet cameras are much more likely to be weatherproofed.

Box / IP-Box

AIT is a leader in the field of CCTV security cameras in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide box cameras with extreme high quality and leading performance. The lens of a box camera is detachable, so that lens can be changed according to your requirements. Normally box cameras are used in cash counters. Box cameras need a separate housing to protect it from adverse weather conditions.


Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras. PTZ cameras can rotate (pan), incline (tilt) or focus closer on objects of interest (zoom) .The name PTZ reflects the movements of the camera. This camera can be remotely controlled. Usually PTZ cameras are used in highly sensitive areas. We offers best prices for PTZ cameras in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE.


Cube Network Camera is a versatile surveillance solution that is perfect for monitoring low-light environments in your home or small office. It combines a high-resolution X Megapixel sensor with a built-in IR LED to help you keep watch over areas in complete darkness. The DCS-2210 also includes a built-in mechanical IR cut filter, making it suitable for both day and night applications. We offers best prices for Cube cameras in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE.