Wireless Outdoor / WAN solutions


ASEI Designs and Deploys Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network) solutions for dedicated connectivity solution as an alternative / supplementary solution to Leased Line solution from Telecom Service Providers, for a range of about 40-60 Km for the applications like:

  • LAN Inter connect between two or more sites physically separated by kilometers for Data voice and Video Connectivity
  • Connecting multiple LAN sites to a central site
  • Connecting multiple remote PCs to Central Site LAN
  • Extension of Internet access
  • Connecting LANs / PCs/ Terminals from 'difficult to wire' sites
  • Temporary Connectivity for any of the applications mentioned before
  • Interconnecting E1 devices


  • Scope Requirement Analysis
  • Feasibility study for link
  • Site survey
  • Network Design & Engineering
  • Tower erection
  • Equipment Supply
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • liaising with regulatory authorities